Coaching is helping successful people who have a passion for what they do,

do it even better. I will give you the encouragement and support you need to make changes happen.

I’d never considered a coach before I talked to Lotte and explained what I thought were some of the possible changes I could make in my professional and personal life. Over 5 sessions, I ended up with a plan to make small steps towards big change. I’m still working on it, but I’d never have started if Lotte hadn’t encouraged me on”.

Partner, Leading Law Firm

"For our team, our proposals are now more effectively communicated, are more likely to be approved and other departments in the organisation have a much better impression of us, thanks to the coaching clinic."
VP, Corporate Communications, Global Bank, Asia-based

"It was apprehensive about moving from London to China, so I worked with Lotte on preparing for the cultural differences within and outside my company. For three months before and after I arrived in Shanghai I worked with Lotte. It made on-boarding so much easier."
Regional Business Development Director, IT outsourcing company

"Working with a coach reminded me of the importance of taking responsibility for my personal and professional development. The trust and confidence we developed were key to allowing me to create a personal development programme in a safe environment."
Senior Communications Manager, European Bank

"I’ve been procrastinating for years about what needs to be done to move my business forward. I’d never thought of coaching before Lotte came into my life. She’s made sure that the goals I’ve set myself have been achieved by exerting gentle, regular pressure and not letting me off the hook!”

Owner, Motorcycle Component Supplier


Contact liberate-u. I’m based in Fulham, South West London. UK.

On boarding and cultural coaching - helping you to get yourself up to speed in half the time.

I help people who are changing countries, cultures and companies to overcome the hurdles of the unfamiliar and be effective immediately.

Work with me and become culturally dextrous!

I coach, train and mentor leaders and potential leaders to significantly enhance their business performance.

The business and on-boarding coach

You’ve heard about coaching, but is it really for you?

Look what others have discovered through working with a coach.

68% increased their self awareness
62% set goals they achieved
61% led a more balanced life
57% lowered their stress levels
52% had increased confidence while working with a coach

Resources: A CIPD, UK 2007 survey of organisations

"I’m passionate about building state-of-the art motorcycles and wanted to give others the chance to own one too. But I didn’t know where to start with building my business. Lotte helped me tap into my strengths and gave me the confidence to approach others to fill in the gaps."
Designer/engineer, Motorcycle Manufacturer

"The coaching experience has given me a new awareness about myself. I was sceptical at first, thinking it was a bit airy fairy, but I realise I couldn’t have come as far as I have without Lotte encouraging me on.”

Partner, Global Legal Firm

"Being mindful and more self aware has helped me and the way I work with my team. My changed view of what I can achieve means I can now face up to my fears and realise they are mainly without foundation."
VP Consulting, Film Animation Company

This is what some of my clients have said about working with liberate-u:

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