What can coaching give you?

Do you often wonder how far you could go .... if you really stretched yourself – if the obstacles around you were removed and the road ahead was clear?

Coaching can give you the courage to stretch yourself beyond what you’re already doing.

It can help you create your vision and set your goals, so tomorrow is much more exciting and successful than today.

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Coaching and NLP

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) has a range of wonderful interventions to help you use your unconscious mind to achieve your objectives.

These interventions can help you move swiftly from an over-rationalised, over-analysed belief in your limitations, especially in the context of the challenges you are facing, via a set of stories and processes that stimulate your unconscious mind, to a place where you can achieve effective and creative solutions.

This ability is an essential part of an NLP coach’s skills.

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Coaching for leaders and high performers

Coaching is often only contemplated to help those not performing to expectation.  But this belief severely limits the use of coaching. For instance, high performing or high potential employees (those who consistently perform above expectations) can greatly benefit from coaching. Sometimes being high potential puts employees under stress as they know they are being watched and they can become fearful of stumbling on the fast track.

I work with high potentials to help them:

  1. Bulletidentify their strengths and challenges

  2. Bulletprepare them for greater professional opportunities

  3. Bulletfind outlets for managing stress

Transitional coaching is also excellent for new hires, particularly mid-career managers or executives, coming into a new work environment. 

Retention rates in the US for mid-career hires is very poor because often either the new hire or the environment is not properly prepared for arrival of an outsider.  I work closely with the new hire, talking to direct reports and colleagues to help the onboarding process.

Another group benefiting greatly from transitional coaching is the graduate recruit.  Even if a student has exceeded academically or had several internships, they sometimes have a difficult time transitioning into corporate life.  Few universities teach workplace survival skills. To make sure the young recruit ‘hits the ground running‘ we support and encourage them and provide a sounding board as they tackle unfamiliar challenges.

For employees embarking on a job in a different country, we run an special onboarding coaching programme commencing 100 days prior to departure and 100 days in the new job.   

So what will you experience in an NLP coaching session?  I use the Meta Model as it works well in situations where you have a limiting belief. The Meta Model consists of questions which

  1. challenge your self-created distortion (by looking at the words you use)

  2. clarify generalisations (and encourage specifics for clarity)

  3. recover deleted information (the things that aren’t said)

Typically, questions may be in the form of "What X, specifically?", "How specifically?", "According to whom?" and "How do you know that?".

If you’re comfortable with answering questions, my experience with NLP (and journalism) helps me frame the right questions to move you forward.

After questions and use of the Meta Model, NLP uses huge amounts of rapport, good observational skills, the ability to be quiet while the coachee thinks things through, and patience (because strong self-limiting beliefs respond best to a very gradual softly, softly approach rather than a full frontal attack).

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Every famous athlete, every famous performer has a coach; somebody who can watch what they’re doing and say, ”Is that what you really meant?”

          Coaches give them perspective.

The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them.

A coach really, really helps.

Eric Schmidt, Google

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