Steve Collins of C-Tech Composites Ltd, High Wycombe, started working with me last year, to move his business forward more professionally. Steve, who has been in business since 1981, is a UK leader in the design and manufacture of carbon composite motorcycle body parts.

His coaching helped him focus on ways to develop his business beyond his loyal customers, and to grow without sacrificing quality or price.  “Lotte didn’t always make it comfortable for me, but helped me work on developing my brand and sales pitch to customers”.

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Motorcycle business

My passion for motorcycles gives me an understanding and empathy with businesses involved in the motorcycle industry. Small manufacturers know their industry inside out, but when it comes to running their business, there’s a tendency to put-off and procrastinate. I work with owners, encouraging and supporting them through the administrative minefields of planning, marketing and promotion, venture capital, selling and debt collecting so they can devote their time to what put them in the business in the first place - the doing!

Brilliant Britaliamoto

In 2009 I started working with Britaliamoto, the British company that has built the first (and now five) Ducati Supermono Stradas, and replica racers. My first role was to encourage and motivate the owners to do all the necessary set-up tasks to establish their small business, and then help them draw up business, marketing and financial plans so they had a clearer idea of where the company was going and how they were going to get there.

The business has broadened into preparing Ducati bikes for racing, distributing key components used on their Ducatis (such as slipper clutches) and developing a series of innovative designs for commercial use such as brake calipers, front forks and fastener systems.

Coaching for YOU

Are you a small business owner working in the motorcycle industry? Have you been thinking about how to run your business more efficiently and productively?  The time has come to work with a coach. You can choose one of two programmes - 5 sessions across 3 months to really kick-start those changes, or 9 sessions across six months to tackle all those tasks you’ve been putting off for years.  Or I can customise a programme and timeframe to suit your needs.

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