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What is

The International Coaching Federation describes coaching as:

partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Coaching has come a long way in the last 20 years. This is its journey:

1990s -        A last ditch effort to improve performance

                    A focus on the derailers

                    C level and above

2000s -        Emotional Intelligence

                    Both derailers and upsides

                    “We can take you from good to great”

2010s -        Top performers

                    Leadership development

                    Building teams

                    Nurturing top talent

Is this happening to your employees, in your organisation?

When companies need coaches

Individuals                                    Teams                                        Organisations

Promotion/new role                        High priority project                    Strategic change

On-boarding                                   A players getting C results         Aggressive growth

Top talent development                 Merging teams                            Cultural change

Skills gap/ derailers                        New team                                   Succession planning

Burnout                                           Ineffective team                          Organisational change

Potential leader                               New business                            Downsizing

Leader departure                                                                               Learning strategy


Success stories from liberate-u coaching.  Coachees/organisations:

  1. BulletMoved from a fixed mindset to a flexible approach

  2. BulletBuilt stronger relationships

  3. BulletHandled challenges better

  4. BulletRetained top talent

  5. BulletShifted thinking

  6. BulletIncreased leader/team satisfaction

  7. BulletAchieved goals

Behaviours of the coach

Observe, assess, guide

MBTI/Hogan Assessments

360 feedback



In the moment feedback

Solo exploration

Try and test


The Coaching Process

The coaching conversation is supported by a range of interventions involving others in the coachee’s professional and personal life, as well as assessment/profiling instruments. 

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