Picking the right coach:

With an unregulated market and a plethora of coaches to choose from, it’s difficult to choose the most appropriate coach for your needs.

The skill in coaching is helping you to translate the feedback you get (from many sources - see The Coaching Process) into a direction that will effectively help you be more successful. The coach must be able to help you determine the relationship between you and the organisational and business context in which you operate.

Coaches require an understanding of interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, organisational behaviour and ethical standards. I have the experience of having transitioned in many different organisations and countries all over the world which means I can bring an understanding and empathy of this experience to our coaching sessions to effectively support and guide you.

I know that speaking over the phone is often more convenient than meeting in person. I am happy to work over the telephone or computer, often on Skype. Distance is no obstacle to the coaching relationship and this flexibility in approach is helpful for many of you.

For your complimentary first consultation, in South West London

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Coaching logistics

Most sessions last an hour, with the first coaching session maybe lasting up to two. Immediate feedback sessions or crisis discussions happen on a needs basis. 

It is very important to feel comfortable with your coach - the “chemistry” factor is critical to helping you achieve the best outcome. For this reason, I offer you a complimentary first session - probably 45 minutes long - to establish what you expect from the programme and how best we can work together. This can be face-to-face or over the phone.


The most popular coaching package is

  1.     5 sessions over three months                                              

  2. This allows you to really explore the issues that you need to address with time between sessions for reflection and assessment.

Other popular packages are 

  1.     5-day package with a one hour session every day.                

  2. This is particularly useful for urgent on boarding or cultural change issues.

For high-performers, business leaders and country/job role transitions

  1.     9 session pack across six months                                        

  2. Helps you ease into a new role and/or different culture and country.

All coaching is payable in advance, with a coaching contract and commitment for the chosen programme. There are many other possibilities available. Just call me 0751 800 6781.